Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Servicing for Electric Vehicles Charge Points

We work with you the customer to offer a product suitable to your needs, making us proud of our bespoke service. We’d be happy to discuss these and help you find the right charger for your needs.

Our EV charge points are always installed to the highest standards and we’re experienced across domestic, commercial and industrial. We can work with your existing system to integrate your EV charge point to maximise your self-consumption and minimise your gird usage.

Most electric vehicles come with a standard UK three-pin charging cable that can be used with any 13Amp home socket. However, they not only take a long time to charge but can also cause damage to your plug socket and increase the risk of electrical overheating. While unlikely to cause an issue in the short term, a dedicated EV charge point is the best option for long term safety.

Charge Your Car at Home

EV Charging for Domestic & Residential 

Having a dedicated EV Charge point at home is the safest and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. We can also link it to your solar PV, so you’ll charge for free! You can also schedule your charging between low tariff hours (depending on your supplier’s tariff rates).

There are three types of domestic chargers available:
3.6kW 16Amp: The standard charger with improved safety features and around 11 hours for a full charge.
7kW 32Amp: The most common charger with faster charging at about 8 hours for a full charge.
22kW 32Amp: A 3-phase charger that reaches full charge in 6 hours 20 mins but is unusual for domestic properties.

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Workplace Charging Points

EV Charging for Commercial & Industrial Business

Whether you need a single 3-phase charge point or multiples for your fleet of electric vehicles, we can help you find the right EV charger for your business.

We offer the option of combining controlled payment systems with the charger, so you can attract new customers to your premises for EV charging. We can also provide smart meters and dedicated key fobs, letting your staff access the EV charge point for free!

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Benefits of a Dedicated EV Charger

EV Charging Increased Safety Features Increased Safety Features
EV Charging Decreased Charging Times Decreased Charging Times
EV Charging No Long Running Cables No Long Running Cables
EV Charging Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Reduce Your Carbon Footprint