Installation, Maintenance & Repairs for Intruder Alarm Systems, South West

Burglaries, thefts and trespassing are more frequent than you realise, so it’s important to consider protecting your home or business with a quality alarm system which will greatly reduce the chances of your home or business being burgled and offer peace of mind that your property is protected by a intruder alarm while you are away or while you sleep.

Interested in reliable Intruder Alarm installation?

Whether your home needs a new burglar alarm system, or you’re just looking to upgrade your existing system, AVS will provide a range of solutions tailored to your own needs, systems can be fitted wired or wirelessly so there Is little need for the upheaval of lifting carpets or running ugly wires. We also install, repair and upgrade some existing systems depending on the models so you may not need to worry about the cost of a complete installation.
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We have experience in the design, installation and servicing of intruder alarm systems.

Our Intruder alarm systems are ideal for domestic or business premises, and act as a deterrent for those thinking of breaking into your home or office. We also offer Intruder alarm systems that can be activated remotely your smartphone along with notifications on when the system is being used. Whatever your alarm needs, we have a solution for:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • New
  • Existing
  • Extension to current systems
  • Faults