Our Services

Access Control

AVS install and repair a vast range of door entry and access control systems around Somerset, Devon and Dorset as well as throughout the UK when required.

Keypad on a wall outside the home

We can configure a door entry system to enable you to monitor visitors in a number of ways, including:

  • Entry systems for doors and gates for domestic and commercial properties
  • Keypad entry systems
  • Key fob systems
  • Fingerprint systems
  • Networked multi-building solutions
  • Audio / Video intercom systems
  • CCTV linked access control systems

Many of our door entry and access control systems allow you to see who is at your door on your smart phone. This allows you to have an oversight of the comings and goings of individuals to your home or business.

Whether you are looking for a simple intercom system for your gate to your home or perhaps something more advanced and intuitive like a fingerprint system or swipe card system for multiple users, we will have a solution that suits your needs.

Home Automation

When it comes to home automation the possibilities are virtually limitless and so is the jargon that goes with it. Understanding what you want your smart home to do is vital for ensuring you get the right home automation system for you. Whether it’s keeping your family safe, making your life easier or adding a little luxury into the mix.

Keypad on a wall outside the home

Working with a backbone from Control4 we can integrate and program your existing devices into the Control4 Eco-system and link everything together through a cause and effect type of programming.

For example:

  • Setting the Intruder alarm turns off all the lights and audio in your property and sets the heating to 16°c
  • Turning on Sky TV will automatically Turn the TV on, Select the right HDMI input, turn the audio amps on and dim the lighting
  • Pressing the 'Cooking' button in the kitchen will turn on the down-lighters and counter light then start playing your favourite playlist

We will work with you to design and install a home automation system in your home, without leaving you feeling lost and confused. We stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to, with an in-depth knowledge of the latest smart home devices and systems that can help you lead a more hands-off lifestyle.

Networking & Wi-Fi

Our dependency on connectivity has transformed Wi-Fi into an essential utility. At AVS South West we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge in both traditional Wired and Wireless data networks.

Installing fast and secure wireless internet connectivity can provide a range of services for domestic and business customers. In order to achieve the best signal strength for any new Wi-Fi network, we carry out site surveys and signal tests to identify the very best solution for your particular location.

Keypad on a wall outside the home

Some of the Networking Services we offer include:

  • Full Structured Cable Installation
  • Fibre Termination / Re-termination
  • Wi-Fi Survey and Installation
  • 4G Internet
  • Point to Point and Multi-Point Building links
  • Full Verification and Certification available

Data cabling, structured cabling, network cabling - whatever you call it, the hard-wired copper cabling that runs around your office or home forms the backbone of your network infrastructure. Often hidden away behind walls, under floor and over ceilings it is the most important aspect of modern high-speed networks.

Fibre Optic used to only be the reserve of the big corporate buildings, schools, hospitals and the like, but not anymore. Replacing a lot of copper running over a long distance with one fibre optic usually saves you money and we’re always up for saving a few quid where we can. The advantages of Fibre Optic links include the distance we can run the data and it being a light signal, therefore not affected by electrical interference.