Design, Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Servicing for Solar Panels Across the South West

As MCS accredited contractors, we are experienced in all aspects of solar PV systems. Our services include solar system installations, solar immersion diverters and optimisations of existing solar PV installations. We also offer regular maintenance packages to keep your system working at peak efficiency.

All our solar systems are custom built to meet your needs and suit your property. Your solar panels don’t even need to be south-facing! With modern technology, solar PV can be installed on an east or west-facing direction. Our choice of high-quality solar panels will even provide electricity on a cloudy day.

Not sure solar PV is for you?

We offer a free consultation and a full site survey of your home or business. This will help you understand both the benefits and realities of installing solar panels. We can also demonstrate the projected outputs, feed-in tariff returns and your potential energy savings.

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Generate your Home’s Power

Solar power generation is a great way to power your home.

Not only do solar panels increase your home’s value, but they will also reduce your electricity bills. You can even make money on surplus energy returned to the grid!

Do you already have solar panels? We also offer Solar Battery Storage and Immersion Diverters both of which will lessen reliance on the national grid whilst providing additional energy uses. Once installed there’s no need for additional input, you’ll have hot water for free and save money on your utility bills.

We can provide a complete Solar PV Maintenance Package with a full system health check and regular servicing.

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Future Proof Your Business

Solar PV for Commercial & Industrial Business.

More and more businesses are investing in solar power generation for a greener future. The UK government has already pledged to half all carbon emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. Reducing your carbon footprint could soon be legal a requirement. Not only will solar PV reduce your carbon emissions and promote your green credentials, but it’s also a cost-effective long term power solution!

Considering solar PV for your farm? Solar energy is a nature-friendly way of both generating electricity and utilising unused agricultural land. Our national grid is evolving towards greener technology, so you’ll make money off power input to the grid.

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What do you need for solar panels?

Solar PV - Finance of £5000 Finance of £5,000+
Solar PV - At least 9m squared At least 9m squared
Solar PV - Ownership of property Ownership of Property
Solar PV - Location with good generation level Location with good generation levels